Great Glutes

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this Workout Wednesday. I’m currently in pursuit of a better butt. The one above is NOT mine as much as I’d like it to be. Now mine is just fine and dandy – it does a decent job of filling out my workout capris, and it’s nice to sit on while I ride my bike, but I know better. I’ve SEEN better. I want better. I want the type of booty that has every right to wear booty shorts (hence the name) absolutely everywhere.  I want the type of butt that says “Hey! Don’t you have any SMALLER bikini bottoms? I feel like showing off!”

Of course I’m absolutely SURROUNDED by fabulous tushies everywhere here in San Diego. I have some favorites of course (What? Is that strange?), and I have some fellow fitness professionals who absolutely KNOW THEIR GLUTES. Who do I take inspiration from?

Well the queen of the fabulous backside is the one and only INGRID ROMERO. She’s trained her own, and she helps fitness competitors everywhere train theirs. She’s shared some favorite moves with me that keep glutes strong and looking great. I use some of her recommended moves in my classes regularly in fact. We squat, we dead-lift, we lunge, we squat with a lateral leg lift, we push through monster rounds of donkey kicks and single leg lifts, the list goes on and on!

NATALIE JILL is another inspiration. She is walking evidence that increased weight and intensity is a MUST if you want to change your body, and that there’s just no such thing as spot reduction. I think we all need to be reminded that you can strengthen and tighten the underlying muscles, however getting on the elliptical and sticking your tush out won’t somehow direct all of your cardio efforts into your backside. A challenging spin class or a hard run will be a super cardio burn, and will certainly challenge muscular endurance and strength, but a heavier lifting effort may still be required to create visible change in shape and tone.  It takes a comprehensive cardio/lifting/nutrition plan to reduce body fat, tone and tighten.

Actually, do you know where the great rear ends reside? They hang out in groups in the dance studios. Heck just watch any dance competition show on television these days and you’ll see some super backsides. Now I have no intention of adding Rhumba lessons to my already packed schedule, but what I CAN do is spend a little more time at my favorite barre studio. This is where classic strengthening moves done by dancers at the ballet barre have been recreated and revamped into a fantastic routine to help non-dancers (or former dancers) tuck, tighten, and tone. These are moves that require you to go into a full posterior pelvic tilt, tuck the tush, and THEN manipulate the hips and legs into tight positions with little tiny teensy weensy movements. The results are dramatic when I attend class consistently, so some additional visits to STUDIO BARRE will certainly help me in my pursuit. Pick any instructor there and you’ll see phenomenally sculpted and strong calves, quads, hamstrings, arms, abs, and of course butts!

And finally, when I don’t have time to take or teach a class, I can resort to working out with my friend TAMILEE WEBB and her Buns of Steel. Even if the music and the clothing goes out of style, these workouts never do because they WORK. I may not resemble the model on the tape cover, but I’m going to try and get damn close! I love these workouts, as I always have, and having them means that I have no excuse not to take steps towards accomplishing my goals.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it doesn’t matter which body part I’m talking about! It doesn’t matter if your goals are completely different from mine (as they should be!). In looking for ways to accomplish my goals I’m:

  1. Looking for inspiration around me and modeling my efforts after successful professionals who have shared their knowledge;
  2. Challenging myself with new workouts and new workout ideas that may be slightly outside my comfort zone;
  3. Adjusting my nutrition when necessary to reflect these efforts as I’m aware that “spot reducing” doesn’t work and that overall change must occur; and I’m
  4. Returning to methods that I know to work and I’m making a concerted effort to commit and follow through (I obviously have to now that this blog is posted).

I’ll be posting my ultimate tush workout next week, so make sure to check in with me on TRAINING THURSDAY. Until then, remember that  while I have my own physical goals, so too should you. The steps we both take should be the same, with the differences existing in the exercises themselves.  Together, we can both REACH OUR FULL POTENTIAL!






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